The Hoof Cafe

923 Dundas St W, Toronto, Ontario
(Bathurst & Dundas)
T: (416) 551-8854

I am generally not a meat lover or a charcuterie fan but the food here is delicious. Glancing at the menu, I was shocked to see unusual items (i.e. duck tongue, bone marrow, etc) but Chef Grant van Gameren did such an amazing job of combining taste, texture, and presentation that I didn’t really mind it at all… in fact, I loved it!

• Figgy Cocktail (very strong) and Pumpkin Spice Cocktail
• Duck Tongue and Kale Salad (with a smoky/savory dressing)
• Bone Marrow with Bread (the marrow was oily but delicious; tasted very similar to warm pate.)
• BBQ Pork Ribs

Good to Know• Best seats: Along the back wall (but the cafe is very small so you don’t have many choices of where to sit)
• Service: Friendly and helpful
• Atmosphere: Cool silver ceilings, very trendy and casual place
• Ideal for: Date, casual, small parties
• Attire: Trendy, smart casual, artsy
• Reservations: N/A (but go there early because the lineups can be long)
• Patio: N/A
• Convenience: Street parking on Dundas (but limited)
• Options: The Black Hoof Restaurant and The Hoof Cafe are across from one another. If you don’t want to wait in line, you can run across the street and check to see if they have seats available there. The menus are similar; the main difference is that the orders are smaller at the cafe.

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