Dong Hoi Tong Bakery and Cafe

Kennedy Road
(Kennedy& Steeles)
T: (905) 470-0898

Here’s a hidden gem located just north of the city. This place is a steal! Two bowl of noodles and two (large) cups of lemon tea for $10.06 only. That’s just $5 per person!!

(Warning: If you don’t speak or read Chinese, it may be a bit challenging to find and order from the menu. Hopefully this post will help you out.)

• No. 11 – Kwai Lum Noodles (spicy but very tasty)
• Hong Kong style lemon tea

Good to Know

• Best seats: The tables along the wall (a little more space and not as packed)
• Service: Straightforward and honest. The servers speak mostly Cantonese or Mandarin (and very limited English). After you order and pay at the counter, find a table and have a seat. They will bring you your food.
• Atmosphere: Very small space and the tables are very close together
• Ideal for: Casual, quick eat and go, take out
• Attire: Casual (anything goes)
• Reservations recommended: N/A
• Patio recommended: N/A
• Getting there: Located in Markham/Unionville, look for a Burger King on the west side of Kennedy Rd, between (north of) Steeles Ave and (south of) Denison Ave.  Tucked behind BK, you will find a small plaza. On the south end, you should see Dong Hoi Tong’s red sign, as shown in the photo. (Unfortunately, the name of the restaurant in English is not prominent.)
• Parking: lots of spaces available in the parking lot (never packed, unlike most of the Chinese malls in the area)

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