Buk Chang Dong

691 Bloor St.W Toronto, ON M6G 1L3
(Christie & Bloor)
T: (416) 537-0972

A perfectly delicious way to warm up on a cold winter day with a Korean stew (chigae) meal. This restaurant has a nine-item menu, six of which are chigaes. All entrees are between $7 to $9 each.

Chigae comes with a stone pot of rice (and a raw egg which you break into the stew to cook). After they scoop the rice into your bowl, they add water into the stone pot to prevent the remaining rice from sticking. You can eat this with your spoon as you would with congee. You can also add salt if it tastes bland.

Your meal also comes with several small apps – usually miso beans, sprouts, seaweed, and kimchi. Other options other than chigae include Bibimbap (a bowl of rice with mixed vegetable and beef on top) and Bolgogi (fried beef on an iron plate).

• Vegetable Soon Tofu Chigae (if you are vegetarian)
• Bolgogi
• Stone Pot Bibimbap
• Any of the chigae – you have the option of “white” (not spicy), mild, medium or regular spicy and extra spicy. (Be sure to request your preference. Otherwise, the default is “regular spicy”).

Good to Know
• Best seats: Near the windows. This restaurant is tightly packed (intended for quick dining).
• Service: Okay
• Atmosphere: Simple. Tightly packed – tables are very close to each other. (Min privacy)
• Ideal for: Casual, quick eat, take out, budget
• Attire: Casual
• Reservations recommended: N/A
• Patio recommended: N/A
• Hours of operation: Open 7 days a week (11am to 10/10:30pm)

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