Mongolian Hot Pot

5300 No 3 Road, Richmond, BC, Vancouver
(604) 231-8966

Hot Pot is also known as Chinese fondue. It is a stew that is simmered in metal pot positioned at the center of the dining table. (This is a popular meal during cold winter months.) Raw ingredients – including thinly sliced meat, vegetables, seafood, mushrooms – are placed into the pot to cook (in front of you) while the stew/soup is simmering.

You are usually given two sets of utensils. In my photos, you’ll see I have a black pair of “common” chopsticks and a beige pair for personal use). The black “common” pair of chopsticks is intended to pick food from the pot and transfer it onto your bowl. The second pair, the beige ones, are used to dip the cooked food into the dipping sauce (you generally get to create your own sauce by combining sesame oil, oyster sauce, soya sauce, chili oil, etc) and into your mouth. (A more hygienic way of sharing food.)

I loved this restaurant. The soup base was tasty, seasoned with various Asian spices and herbs. They also have a huge selection of toppings and ingredients, which was nice and fresh.

(Dipping sauce)
• Satay sauce
• Sea Cucumber Intestines
• Enoki or Shitake Mushrooms
• Thinly Sliced Beef (premium)
• Cilantro – adds a nice flavour to the soup
• Sour plum drink (there is a strong fragrance of herbs in this type of drink)

Good to Know
• Best seats: No preference
• Service: Friendly and attentive
• Atmosphere: Basic but was very noisy.
• Ideal for: Friends, large parties/gathering, birthday, foodies, something different
• Attire: Casual (I don’t recommend wearing clothing that absorbs odour, i.e. wool or cashmere, to a Hot Pot restaurant.)
• Reservations recommended: Yes
• Patio recommended: N/A

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