Ginger Onion Cuisine

7131 Kennedy Road, Markham, ON L3R 0T4
(Kennedy Rd & Steeles at Market Village)
T: (905) 479-7730

This is a very popular place for dim sum. People are willing to line up for hours during peak times. I admit the food is good but I don’t have the patience. Rather, I would suggest going early, no later than 10am, on the weekends to avoid the rush.

This is one of the few Chinese restaurants that still uses the trolley to push out the dim sum dishes. I tend to like this concept because I can see what it is before ordering. Many restaurants now have a sheet of paper for you to enter your selection instead.

• Fried Octopus Tentacles
• Fried Fish
• Baked Egg Tarts
• Coconut cake

Good to Know
• Best seats: Any along the windows
• Service: Okay
• Atmosphere: Big venue; tables still quiet close to each other
• Ideal for: Family, casual, dim sum lovers
• Attire: Casual
• Reservations recommended: No
• Patio recommended: No

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