Xe Lua Vietnamese Cuisine

625 Gerrard Street East
Toronto, ON M4M 1Y2
(416) 466-5887

There are a number of Vietnamese restaurants in this part of the city. (In fact, on the same block). Deciding on which one to try can be mind-boggling.

Xe Lua has a number of locations in the GTA, including Chinatown and Scarborough. This particular location, Broadview/Riverdale area has been around for years! Although I think their broth (they use for Pho) is tasty and flavourful, I’m concerned about how clean their kitchen is. I’ve had a few experiences where I’ve found “foreign objects” (i.e. a small piece of wire and cement) in my food on separate occasions. Maybe, it was just my luck?!

• Pho – rare beef noodle soup
• Tomato Beef Brisket Stew – served with chunks of beef and carrots that are soft and juicy from the stewing process. Another flavourful dish. This item can be served with noodles or bread.

Good to Know
• Best seats: No preference
• Service: Okay
• Atmosphere: Simple. Chairs and tables are closely packed back-to-back.
• Ideal for: Casual, quick eats, take out
• Attire: Casual
• Reservations recommended: No
• Patio recommended: No

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