About me

I live in the city, enjoy exploring the GTA and don’t cook. As a result, I have been to over 300 different (and counting) dining establishments in the past few years alone.

Although I am not a restaurant reviewer by profession, I am happy to share my experiences, photos and recommendations (on what to order, where to sit, what to wear, etc). I’ll even pass on some ‘good to know’ tips I think you’ll find useful.

About this site

Below are some general guidelines I’ve used for this blog.

My Rating System (a star was assigned for each ‘yes’ to the following questions):
* Did I enjoy the food (and beverages)?
* Did I like the service (and atmosphere)?
* Is there anything unique (or stands out) about them?
* Overall, did I enjoy my dining experience?
* Will I go there again?
Please feel free to add your ratings.

GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is divided into the following zones:
* Toronto (Downtown) – south of Bloor St, between Jarvis St and Bathurst St
* Toronto (East) – east of Jarvis St
* Toronto (West) – west of Bathurst St
* Toronto (Midtown) – north of Bloor St and south of Eglinton Ave
* Toronto (North York) – north of Eglinton Ave and south of Steeles

Price Range (this depends on what you order; these indicators are very general):
$ = Budget (less than $9)
$$ = Economical ($10-19)
$$$ = Fair ($20-$39)
$$$$ = Pricey ($40-$79)
$$$$$ = Splurge (more than $80)

Please rate and add your comments to these posts. I look forward to hearing your experiences too! Simply leave a reply below or you can email me at joyce03@gmail.com.

This blog is published on Urbanspoon and is currently ranked:
I Don't Cook Toronto restaurants

(Please note, these postings are based my own preferences, experiences and opinions. They are not paid advertisements.)


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